Happy and Gay.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So today, having had a couple of drinks to speed the day along, I am in a pretty gay mood...and I mean that in the root sense of the word. I am happy. I have had some productive meetings today, a radio interview and a nice talk with a good friend of mine. A friend of mine who really believes in me. And it's great to feel believed in. Especially when you don't believe in yourself. It's the simple things, like good friends, and great days, that make life count.

I have a few pictures that I took myself that I wanted to put up but my kid bro lost my memory card reader cable so that'll have to wait but in the mean time, here's a few pictures of fabulous naturalistas that I found on Le Coil. It's one of my favorite blog spaces at the moment!

Lovely look. Interesting how this is not a regular, everyday look in the land of the leso's origin.

Loving this twist out and the flowers. 

Some would call this a bad hair day....I call it pure genius.

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