Friday, May 14, 2010

The weather in Nairobi has lately taken a turn for cold, wet and dreary.

And I am absolutely loving it.

Save for the horrible traffic and laundry that never dries, I love it when it's freezing. Because then you get to find warmth in the most mundane of places. In a corner of a small room, huddled with a group of people, under a blanket with a book, at a coffee shop with the smell of doughnuts and coffee, in a car, stuck in traffic with a friend or two, or alone, with your favorite music. And the joy of wearing all you want, in as many layers as would suffice to have you looking like a walking, talking fabulous page from a fashion magazine, all at once.

Looking warm, and fantastic.

Pic courtesy of http://lecoil.tumblr.com/

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