The day after the one day....

Friday, July 2, 2010

I spent the day in bed today. I did not move from it. I asked for breakfast in bed and left only in the evening when my brother requested a favour from me. I did it partly because I was unwell, and partly because I had no pressing matters to attend to. I also did it because I just felt like it.

It wasn't what I expected, I did get little twinges of guilt once in a while but I didn't let them bother me too much. On the plus side, I can't wait to get up tomorrow morning and get about my day. Yay for that.

This week has been a week of new things. I took an impromptu trip out of town with and old friend of mine and it was amazing. We got into a small accident on the way there, and it could have been much worse. Luckily, no one was hurt (which I am grateful for as there was a little infant in the other car), and we were able to get on our way with little damage to the car.

I'm also going through a little (or possibly big) tiff with my boyfriend, and it feels very new to be in this situation. We just got past our 2 year mark last week and as much as it is an amazing feeling, things just seem very out of sorts. However that turns out, I'm sure it'll be for the best.

I'm learning to be constantly grateful for my life and my circumstances at the moment, whatever those may be. Gratitude is after all, the balm that calms all sores.

Gratitude for chilli mangoes.

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