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Thursday, August 12, 2010

So it's been ages since I last posted, but it hasn't been for a lack of trying. I credit it to a busy schedule, crappy internet connections wherever I'd go and a weird phase that my Mozilla has been going through but that's all sorted now.

I've just finished with the second season of a TV show that I star in, it's been just over 3 months of shooting and it's had it's ups and downs but now we wait for it to go on air. I'm pretty excited about it as my character begins to sing this season. Can't wait.

My hair has been growing like crazy, every time I stretch it out I'm amazed at how much length I have attained...is it that I am not noticing time go by or is the new hair care regime just that good? Suffice it to say, I am pretty happy about it.

The country just accepted a new constitution and that means some definite change for us. I'm extremely happy that the referendum process was a peaceful one and that as a people we didn't go through the horrors that we did in 2007. That is one thing I am extremely grateful for.

I'm going to be a lot more consistent with the blogging now, hooked myself up with a decent internet connection so here's to more of my day to day ranting.

Cheers to Chilli Mangoes.

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