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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yes, I know I went on about being more consistent with my blogging but, seems the powers that be had it against me. My laptop went down for a while courtesy of some viruses but all is well now.

It's been a great two weeks, with our country most recently celebrating a new birth with a new constitution. Had the whole country buzzing but the day was filled with loads of national pride. It was awesome, especially as the celebrations were taking place a stone's throw from my apartment.

I'm busy with a conference that's happening in just over a week, I'm writing their theme song, and should be performing it at the opening ceremony and I can't wait to do it. It's pretty exciting stuff, I'm actually at the studio right now with my producer creating the track for it.

I also finally got my Tv connection up so I spent the better part of today stuck staring at it, marvelling at all the shows I had to watch. Happy days. It's the little things isn't it? I'm also pretty amped up because my dad surprised me this week with something amazing. Let's just say I sure do feel like a daddy's girl. And I'm loving it.

All's well for now. I'm also working on a creative concept for a radio show for a new radio station with a friend who I'm hoping could be my co-host as well, if I get the gig. Working also on recording my first music single for release in the next couple of weeks.....Excitement!!!!

I also started the The Green Smoothie Challenge a couple of weeks ago and although I haven't been very consistent over the weekends, It's a great reason to take even more mangoes, and I'm feeling loads healthier. You should check it out.

To living healthy on Chilli Mangoes.

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