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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So it's been 3 weeks now since I started my job and I LOVE IT!! It's pretty intense though, the hours are mad, 6am till about 8pm, but it should be better in the coming weeks. 

This week I'm pretty much exhausted all the time but it's all good, I don't mind much. I have a little down time today so I have decided to put up a post as I haven't had the chance to recently. So much for consistency. :-D I'm not even going to mention that any more because my intentions are clearly not coming into fruition.

Last weekend was mad!! Had a few events that we had to attend as a station and so I was out Friday, Saturday and Sunday....been trying to recover since. With a day long photo shoot in between. I'm gonna need to get used to it because this weekend I have a gig on Friday, a club thing on Saturday and road trip on Sunday to visit my kid bro in high school. Guess I won't be catching up on my zzzzzzs this time around.

Oh, and I broke up with Mr. Man a couple of weeks ago. 

To single pieces of mango with chilli.

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