Time sure is flying.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two weeks have gone by since my last post and I didn't even notice! It'll soon be my birthday, when I hit the big 25. Eeeeek! I can just feel my boobs inching closer to my knees. I can't wait though. :-D

Work is coming along ok, still working 6am to 8pm but I'm not complaining. My workmates and I have gotten pretty close, enjoying every minute of every day. I do however feel a tad sleep deprived, and always go through a dozing off phase mid morning and mid afternoon, but for the most part, I'm super psyched all day.

Came across an awesome site, we heart it, that features amazing pictures which people put up as their favourites. There's lovely pictures such as these.

Can't wait to get me a Canon 5D.

Cats sharing some love.

 Reminds me of my room on campus. Want to do this on a lighter scale for my bedroom now.

A little honesty.

So cool this bed spread is. Got to get one in red and black.

Love Chilli Mangoes.

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