Chillimango Clothing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

So how weird is this, about a month ago I was browsing through a friends photography blog, and I came acroos a comment on one of her albums from a blogger called Chillimango Clothing. Of course I was a tad peeved because I thought I was the only brilliant mind to come up with the name, but I rushed to the blog and wow was I glad!

So there I was looking at pretty funky pieces of Kenyan clothing that gave me warm fuzzy feelings inside. They include really funky t-shirts, dresses, hoodies that I haven't seen anywhere else.....basically a whole bunch of pretty awesome stuff. Here are a few pics.

How amazing is this? This does make me very proud to be Kenyan.
Something nice to enjoy chillimangoes in.


  1. i love this collection esp the vest and the kimono and the jumper! so Kenyan!!

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