Locked and Loaded.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I don't wear dreadlocks, I'm too impatient and restless for them, sometimes I wake up and want my hair straight, other days I want to put braids in and other days I just ant to rock a TWA and get going with a wash n go. But I love how different people wear different locks in different lengths, hues and styles. My mum is one of them and I have to give her a big up coz I get my restless nature from her. Case in point, the first time she started locking her hair, she unravelled them in two weeks, saying the honey used to style them was kinda sweet. Her sister, and a couple of her friends also rock the locks so I occasionally send them pictures for inspiration.
Now I collect these pictures from around the internet, so I shall not claim ownership to any of them unless otherwise specified as done here. It is however a tad difficult to provide links to all the blogs and sites as I usually just download them and then repost. I will therefore do a post on all of the sites though...and provide links to them there.
So, enjoy.
How bold are you?
This is real pretty, but not everybody can rock it.....seems like alot of work though.
This guy is really pretty, isn't he? Like seriously pretty. Like a girl.
How cute is this bob?
Have a lovely day.

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