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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today, I just thought I'd share some pictures of different women's bodies. Everyday I struggle with my body image because I gain and lose weight very sporadically, with the last year being the most drastic.....Size 6 to 12....and 12 kilos in between!! I still love my body but I do have my bad days....I know I am terribly unhealthy and unfit, and should probably do something about it. But my middle name isn't Procrastina for nothing. are some pics.

 Perfectly toned body....I wish for this everyday of my life.

 To want to wear nothing all day, and feel great.

 Because really sometimes all I want to do is cover up...everything.

 Because I see Ciara and think..PERFECT.

 Then I see Rihanna's Bod and think.....screw bone thin, now that's perfect.

 But then I'll retract and think...gotta lose it all!!!

 Then I see that Ass and think, ok, maybe not!!

 And then this.....definitely NOT losing my thick thighs!!

 This just makes me think...I gotta rock my bod like this girl....all of it,flesh and all.

 Loving those thighs, even though they are illustrated, and the hair....!!

 This is beautiful.....

And I decide, I'm gonna love my bod, all the flesh, cellulite, scars and all....I love me!!

Ok, now to get a mango.


  1. Thick things are AWESOME!! Don't lose them!!

  2. Thick thighs, I meant to say...

  3. I love this post. I go through this all the time. I look at women's bodies and think, oh god, hers is perfect, i want to look just like that. or just her hair, or her ass, or her legs........and then i realize how many different bodies i appreciate. i think so many are beautiful, just not mine. and then i think how ridiculous is that! if i can love everyone else's bodies, why cant i love mine, no matter what weight or measurements or bmi?? so i try. it's been working out pretty well lately :) i hope it has for you too.

  4. i think you are beautiful sweetheart,and yes i love this post.i feel like this a whole lot especially when am down.thank you!

  5. If you are in harmony with your body, you look very beautiful and attractive because your confidence attracts views.

  6. The female body is extremely beautiful and if you still pay attention to caring for him, then you will always look irresistible and amaze others.


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