A tribute to Black and White...

Monday, January 24, 2011

I love Black and White photography. There's a certain quality it gives to the subjects that makes my eyes dance. Enjoy, and have a lovely week ahead.

This is a man. Nuff said.

I love Emma Watson because I'm irrationally addicted to everything Harry Potter, and I love her new do. Very Minx-esque.

Those eyes just pop, don't they! Brings out the allure that Muslim women have, all covered up.

Kelis seems to be able to rock any kind of hair!! I love the colour in this pic.

I've never been a fan of bling in teeth but this picture has it's own kind of magic.

This picture....I love the space in the top half...it's beautiful.
A mango a day, keeps the heebeejeebees at bay!!

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  1. It is not just a simple palette of pure black and white colors! It's the greatest collection of what our life looks like!


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