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Monday, February 28, 2011

African print seems to be everywhere these days.....almost every other day in Nairobi there will be a few outfits sewn from African fabric, whether kitenge, leso, ...well, that's basically it, right? This trend sprung out of relative obscurity a couple of years ago, when it was all the rage, everyone marveling at how it represented a new take on 'kujivunia', and now, well, it's nothing new.

Well, it is taking on abroad, or has been, for a while now, with Hollywood celebrities lusting after the trend, the likes of Beyonce and Alicia Keys donning Boxing Kitten outfits, and Gwen Stefani including African Fabric in her L.A.M.B. 2010 Collection

I think it's pretty cool, and you don't necessarily have to get something tailored to rock the look, a simple leso, or swath of fabric worn as a scarf around your neck, as a belt or corset around your waist or worn as a turban is enough to get your Afro-centricity on. Check this out.

And even the guys can hop on the bandwagon.

You can never have too much colour when it comes to African Fabric. In fact, it would be unwise not to.

Never quite thought a leso could look that funky.....sweet, huh?

Please note, the pants are $50 ie Ksh. 4,000! Ahem....meanwhile, 6 yards of leso fabric costs Ksh. 250. Sewing Lessons ahoy!!

More Leso. Yum.

This is just too fresh. Everything about it. 


I think this is all pretty sweet, whodathunk those kitenge outfits we watched our grandmas and aunties rock could ever be funkified?



  1. Chilli Mango! This trend is catching on big big time!! :-D And its fab that you've done a post on it :-D But I wanted to ask, since this trend has been here in Kenya for awhile, do you think you could bring it home and capture Kenyans in the street? You'd be promoting the local designers too and giving people a tangible place to get such outfits. I know some great designers.. :-)

  2. Somewhat unrelated to this post...i must commend you for the direction that your career(s) is/are taking. Quite an accomplishment for a young person like yourself.
    Also, as a fellow do us proud. I was in Kenya last year, sometime around May. And i was just chilling with my sis at java nakumatt junction. You came and sat at a table adjacent to ours. I saw you and immediately asked you if you went to Quabbz. And you said you did. But little did i know that at the time you were 'blossoming into becoming a celeb'. Had i known about your career then, i'd have given you mad props. So now that i know about it..mad props my dear. Keep up the good work.


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