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Monday, February 7, 2011

So it's Monday, so you know what that means. REGGAE NIGHT at Click. Yeah. I love it. Every Monday without fail. And they have the best grilled chicken right at the entrance of the club, sometimes I just buy it on my way out even if I'm not hungry, because sometimes I have it for breakfast.

Some pictures of Naturalistas who's hair I envy from here to Timbuk-three and back. 

Enjoy your Monday y'all!

 That hair is GLORIOUS!!!!

 Now SHE is fierce, afro, freckles and a killer attitude. Her name is Nikia Phoenix and this is her blog.

 Meet Sharri...I think her name is. She blogs here. She's got gorgeous hair.
And a great sense of style and humor.

 Jill Scott. Don't you just love her?

 I got this photo from Lecoil, a great photoblog that I love. Check it out here.

 Yum, that hair.

I just love this look. 

Now, how can I convince the guys at Click to start selling mangoes with chilli?


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  1. How now can I just fast forward the growth of my hair???? GORGEOUS =)


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