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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just thought I would share one of my favorite vocalists with you. She also happens to be a beautiful, African, natural haired lady.


Lira was born Lira Molapo in South Africa in March, 1979. Her music is a sweet mix of Afro-Jazz, RnB and Soul.
After winning a competition for young singers and songwriters, Lira started performing live at the age of 16, singing both cover versions and original compositions. In 2000 she was discovered by musician and producer Arthur Mafokate, who had her sign with his record label, 999 Music. She wrote all the songs on her album, "All My Love", released in May 2003.
She left 999 Music and teamed up with keyboardist Victor Mngomezulu, bassist Tshepo Sekele, and producer Robin Kohl. In 2006, her second album, "Feel Good", was released and was a bigger success. She received five nominations at the South African Grammy Awards (Best New Artist, Best Female Artist, Best R&B Album, Best Single, and Best Video). “Feel Good”, was hailed as a great Afro-jazz album. It had hits like Feel good and Ixesha. 'Feel good' was twice number 1 on SA's Metro FM's charts on the National South African Top 20.
Her third album, "Soul In Mind", was released in 2008.
Lira set a soul scorching benchmark with her 2006 album "Feel Good" - and with her late 2008 release, "Soul In Mind" she created a record that is defined by its honesty, soulfulness, femininity and utter joyfulness. 

 Her latest album, "Return To Love" is set for release this year. 

I love Lira for her beautiful voice, soul and style. Her songs all have beautiful lyrics, and their meaning touches a deep part of my soul. Her charisma is also very infectious, and watching her live in concert is a special treat.

I once had the opportunity to be a photographer at a concert here in Nairobi where she was the headlining act, and when I was on stage taking shots of her, I got lost in the atmosphere and totally forgot what I was there to do. Yeah, not very professional, I know. But she's amazing.

She has this timeless beauty where even barefaced she looks stunning, a look she pulls off very often.

 I love how she wears her hair, and whatever it is she does with it, she makes it look effortlessly stylish. Even with "matutas" like the ones above, she looks glam.

 Her fashion sense is also amazing, wearing a lot of African inspired outfits and accessorizing with just the right jewellery pieces. She is one of South Africa's style icons, and always manages to look sophisticated and graceful. She was once voted Fashion Icon of The Year at The Capetown Fashion Awards.

Lira is married to Robin Kohl, who also happens to be her producer and co-writer.

Some people sometimes say that she and I have some slight resemblance. What do you think?

Could we pass for sisters? If so, I would take that as a major compliment.

She seems pretty cool, I'm sure she must loves mangoes as well.


  1. A definite resemblance. Nice music

  2. hey chilli, before i read the last bit i was just about to ask if you're just doing a review on lira coz you look so alike, big puppy eyes and all...hehehe

    she's amazeballs!!

  3. hey, how do you get the hair to be sooo curly? looks lovely!

  4. wanted to tell you that you look alike then am seeing you blogged about her!!! its so wierd!x


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