Friday, February 18, 2011

I've never really been a tattoo fanatic, although I have thought about getting one that I painstakingly designed and perfected.....but now, these have got me thinking in a whole new direction. They really are something else.

Take a look.

 Beautifully drawn feather.

 Ditto above comment.

 Dreamcatcher. I could use one of those.

 It's never that serious, right?

 Just incase you forget where to feel your pulse.

 Great motto.

 Again, great motto to live by.

 Isn't love great?

 For those who feel dark sometimes.

 It is important.

 I love this one. Incase you feel you don't fit in...

And when you can't seem to muster even a small bit of hope...just remember...the above statement.

Maybe a small tattoo of a mango?

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  1. Those are lovely!! You should get a tat hun, something that means a lot you, as you can see you can easily get a tattoo in text..nhu here's a story of encouragement ;) I have two tattoos, a Chinese Kanji symbol on my right hand that means 'remember' so it pretty much covers every aspect of life, experiences and memory. And I see it all the time when I'm working away on my comp, which is perfect and really the reason why I chose such a visual place. But hand and foot tattoos tend to erase over time because of wear and tear so every few years I will have to get it redone... *_* but its so worth it! The second one is the word 'wendo' (love) on my left ankle. I wrote the phrase in Word and went through different fonts till I got one that looked cute, printed it and the tattoo guy wekad it as it was! Easy peasy, though uchungu inabidi!!


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