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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A couple of people have asked to see how my hair has been progressing since my last BC. Well, here's my natural hair journey, from last year when I started from scratch, till a couple of weeks ago.

Feb 2010, a month after my BC.
Rocking a Wash n Go.

Another Wash N Go, with Red Lippy to accessorize.
I also sometimes drape my office area with fabric..brightens up an otherwise dull day.

A Braid out, otherwise known as "Kubomoa matuta na kuziwacha".

I think this was a 4 day old Blow out (Blow Dry).

Another Braid out, a tad longer.

Afroooooo.....patted down my hair a little bit, added the leather jacket, and BAM!!
The Flash and I woulda looked so good together.
But hey...I'll always have Makmende!
Which reminds me....
...Remember my alter ego, Britannia? She used to date.....
...this guy. He's got a pretty cool fro as well. Sigh...he did her wrong though. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this video. Anyway, back to the plot!

I made that little hair thing.

Fro Hawk!!!

Mid March 2011...BAM!
 It's a mild Blow out....but the fro is making it's presence known. I'm trying not to straighten my hair too much, I'm AFRAID of using heat on my hair. I shall do a complete blow out sometime in June.

And of course, when I feel as though my hair isn't getting to BAA (Big Ass Afro) status as fast as I'd like it to, I turn to my friend for perspective. Works like a charm!
And there it is....14 months of natural hair, post BC.
Catch my full hair story at Kurly Kichana.


  1. OMG!! Am inspired!! My hair is still 3 months old, so you can imagine how annoying it can get at times...anyhu, am not giving up.

  2. wow lovely. im consoled tht you have to blow out for it to stretch hair is a lil long since my bc but it just ciils in.. cant wait to rock it like the vid crew

  3. Hey...Wow and wow totally love the hair..My hair is totally natural almost the same age as your but how do manage a wash and Go..Immediately i wash my hair it shrinks at a rate that is crazy.

  4. Judy, keep going won't believe how good you'll feel in another 3 months, and another 3 months.....!!

    Mbabazi...I'm sure you'll look gorgeous....coz you look stunning with your hair short...I'm sure as your fro grows it'll be amazing!

    Anonymous, my hair shrinks as I rock wash n gos when I am feeling really, really lazy. I prefer to wash my hair at night nowadays, so that I put it in twists or matutas(3 strand twists) before I sleep. I also find that it stretches my hair out, preventing tangles and fairy knots. And now that it's longer, doing the twists takes a much shorter time.

  5. I love that little hair thing!! and your blog- someone suggested it after I recently got the Big Chop on my previously relaxed hair and it's quickly turning out to be a pretty good formula for procrastination on a dull weeknight.

  6. now i want short hair!!

  7. Girl, i have stalked your blog all day trying to find a pic of you rocking that 'hair thing'-after seeing ur pic on Kurly Kichana. So cute..tell me how you made it? Or where i can get one? Pretty please?

  8. Hey Mbithe!! So funny you should comment on it today. I shall be posting about it later on, as I just made another one for another reader. Look out for the post, coming in a couple of hours!!


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