I Miss My Hair......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So I have recently embarked on a 3 Month Protective Style Challenge as per the ladies at Kurly Kichana, also known as The Natural Girls Guide To Beauty, and it's basically a challenge to keep your hair in a protective style, such as braids, cornrows, etc, for 3 months, mainly to give your hair a break, and promote hair growth. My first month of braids lasted 2 weeks, and was a disaster, my natural hair cannot stand the constraints of straight synthetic hair such as Abuja braids and the like because usually after a week I begin to look like a disaster. I'm onto my second stint with braids on, and opted to go with Afro Kinky braids, which, save for the hard texture, are a much better, longer lasting alternative.

However, it's only been a week and I MISS MY HAIR terribly. But these pictures of HUGE hair, remind me that it's all worth it in the end.


Oh, the bliss of having hair so big it doesn't fit into the photo! And that skin.....

Sweet shall be the day when I can get my hair into an updo of this magnitude!

This is more like my natural hair texture, and I can't wait for my hair to get to this length, and longer.

This is Nikole Crowe of moptopmaven.blogspot.com. She's a godsend when it comes to everything natural, from haircare, to skincare, DIY projects and fashion. She's been unwell for the last couple of months though, praying for her recovery soon, she's amazing. And so is her hair....!!! Not a weave or wig. 
Here's hoping I can go through with the challenge to the end.

I'm pretty sure chillimangoes have some secret hair growth chemistry going.



  1. I feel you. I'm planning to go curly after the braids I'm in are out. So for me it's a first but I can't believe how much I want to see my hair and how long 3 weeks feels like. That's when I get them out. I can't wait to see my natural hair again. Primary school was a long time ago. I'd like to have hair that big but I don't think that's for me. My terminal hair growth is shoulder length when it's relaxed. Anywho. Keep at it. :) You can do it. Your hair will thank you.

  2. Can I borrow...or take the photo of the lady with the fro-hawk? Her hair AND her up-do are awesome.

  3. Hey Lydia!

    Sure, help yourself to the pictures, it's no worries.

    All the best with going natural, and believe me, if you find the right hair care regimen for your mane, you'll be surprised at what lengths it can get to. When relaxed, the hair is not really primed for optimum growth so going natural may have great surprises in store for you.

    Cheers Miss!!

  4. Heeey! I looove your blog! I guess 'chilli mangoes' had me sold...was prolly thinking i was gon get some here haha.
    Looking at these pics make me think i can go all natural...but i have this gagging fear of not being able to manage it...*biting finger nails*

  5. Hey hushwriter, thanks for checking out the blog...And your writing is amazing, just checked it out.

    Now I have this irrational obsession with mangoes with chilli on them, when they go out of season, some things get rough.

    Now natural hair, well, it sort of grows on you, and once you find the right regimen, it becomes a love affair with your curls so intense, you'll do anything for your hair, and you'll be surprised how simple it is. I guess it's all about really wanting to have natural hair. Of course there are some who do prefer to have relaxed hair, and it works great for them, I began relaxing mine at age 9, I guess it's a meeter of preference, but I can tell you now, I can't imagine ever going back to relaxing my hair.

    It's not as difficult as many people imagine it to be. Check these blogs out, they really helped me.


    Hope that helps.

  6. I looooove this post an the hairs!!!!DANG! Imagine i want to cut mine, i hate the highlight patches on it so i want to start afresh though am so scared, you know you are always my rescue!!
    When are we bonding over chilli mongoes?

  7. Thanks a gazillion.
    Hey hushwriter You should also check out
    Once you check this one and the ones Chili mango gave you out, you'll see how EXCITING natural hair is.

  8. Thanks Chilli mangoes and Lydiah for the links. I am going through them right now like they were the 'hair bible' which they somewhat are..

    I have twisted braids right now and I am thinking I could take the plunge once I get them off next week. I am scared too dallahz but I guess change is good.

    I had the natural look all through high school and it will come as a surprise to most of my friends that I would consider it again but WTH I am doing it for the love of my hair..hihi

    And Chilli mangoes, I don't post on my blog often times so thanks for the heads up. It does mean a lot to me! Good luck with the challenge!!

  9. Those pics of hair are AMAZING!! Some people really have some heads of hair! But for me, my hair was too soft to blow up and very slow in growing. but I love short hair, eh eh, I don't think I can go back, lol! Its great when people find something that works for them, like the girls in those pics are rocking! :-D


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