Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes, yes, yes....it's been ages since I've been here, and yes, I have been slacking on posting, but things have gotten really swamped around here (Here being in my head!), so I apologize...and promise to make it up to you. :-)

First off, a prayer, or ten, or more, for the people of Japan, and their families all around the world. Pray for their safety, their survival, and for their courage and for their strength through these times.

Second, I hope y'all are doing great. Really. I hope you are all healthy and getting by well. I'm awesome, but not really enjoying the hot weather. I'm a sucker for grey skies and wet roads, except on days when my laundry needs to dry, and when I am next to a beach. A beach.....sigh....

Third, it's been a while since I showed some love to locks. A friend of mine who literally went from curly fro to locks over night, without any wax or honey ....just basically free forming....told me she doesn't call them "dread" locks, because it originated from "The colonialists" referring to African hair as "Dreadful locks". Well, these are anything BUT dreadful. Shout out to my mum, who has beautiful locks, almost all the way down to her back.


My mother, acting all gangsta!
Those earrings. Sigh...
Love the styling. Very reminiscent of the 50's. Somehow.....maybe its the jewelery and the top. Oh wait! This is also a faux hawk! Sweet. 
Beautiful...the hair, the face, the jewelery. Everything, Nice. :-D
You can never run out of ways to style locks. Let no one ever say they are unkempt.
Or not office worthy.

The colour is absolutely gorgeous. So is the neck piece.
Yowzer! The colour in the hair, and the colour on the hat.....go fantastically together.
More yowzer. The lady here is the same one below.
Yup....mid thigh length hair. She's also in the picture below.
Dude's got nice locks on him too.
So maybe one day, I shall jump onto this locks bandwagon too.
Or not.
I love my little, growing fro to much. Plus people mistake me for my mum enough as it is.

Cheers people!


  1. Hey hun!

    Ur mum looks hot! Funny,was thinking about getting locks recently but was afraid of how id look with short hair - round head n all. Wish there was a way to lock it without cutting it. Living in the desert with no access to a good salon is taking its toll on me, and i'm getting sick n tired of braids esp since i'm forced to stay with them for 2months at a time

  2. Miss, I'm pretty sure you'd look awesome!! Check out this lady, her name is Rachel Stewart.

    Every couple of years she shaves off her hair...and I mean shaves it off.....now you don't have to go as short...and I think you kinda look alike so you'd look amazing.

    And if you really don't want to cut it off, you can start with what you have...lock it now, and then grow out the relaxed bits when your hair is already in locks...that could work too.

    All the best babe!!

  3. hahaaaa, ur mum.....too funny ( in a gangstasortaway) lol

  4. I've checked out Rachel Stewart's photos. She's beautiful! You think we look alike? *blushes*

    She's one brave woman...and she looks really amazing! And her earrings - wow!
    Dunno if I'm as brave....do u know a salon where I can lock my hair now the way it is and then grow out the chemical like you suggested?

  5. Naito you guys totally fanana!! And did you see her hair just before she chopped it off? Sweet, huh?

    For a place to lock you hair, I have a friend who has had locks on for a while, when you're around, holla I'll get her guys/chics number for you. Cool?

  6. Yeah I saw it. That's why I was saying she's so brave-to chop off such beautiful hair.

    Coolo! I'll def holla when I kuja - that'll be in about 2wks or so. Thanx sweerie!

  7. please PlEAsE PLEASE you have to come to USIU and check out the dreads on one of the ladies who works here. They are all the way past her back and just cover her behind!!! They are glorious! You need to take a pic of her beautiful locks! Personally my hair is too soft to do any locking but I love having short hair!! I was converted and I'm only spreading the gospel! :-D

  8. u mum is gansta..nice pics. inspiration for dreads..

  9. Thogi!! How now is your hair too soft to lock?? On the plus though, you really rock that short hair look.....fabulously mein!!!!

    Mbabazi....Thanks, yeah my mum's straight hood.....NOT!! You+locks=AWESOME!

  10. Hey waah si those locks are amazing!!! I have some, have had them for like 5 years, 2 months and 22 days. (yeah i put them on my birthday as a present to myself so i countdown like all the time...) but mine are kinda weak, coz they katika sometimes...but i still love them.


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