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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rachel Stewart is a lady based in the US who designs jewellery. Amazing jewellery that showcases her love for natural curly hair, and Africa in general. She's a beautiful, voluptuous lady who revels in her curves and describes herself as an artist, music collector and fashionista on a budget! She also paints, and dabbles in photography. She's got great style and looks like a pretty fierce lady, just going by her blog.

She also designs accessories such as hair bands and bangles, my favourite being those she creates out of African print fabric.

Find her on Tumblr, her Personal Blog, her Jewellery Blog and her Online Jewellery Store.

As you can see, she rocks an amazing fro, well used to.
Keep going to see what she did.

Beautiful bow, right? She designs all her pieces.

Yup, this too.

She's got curves, and mad confidence to back that up! Beautiful, right?

Her and her hella sexy man. He takes all her pictures.
He is an amazing photographer who runs by the name Creative Silence. Really fresh.

So, you know what she did?? (Or does every couple of years.) See that look on her face? Like, "Hey, wsup hair. You're cool and all, but you ain't all that."

Well, she did it. (Again. She does it. Regularly. Coz she just feels like it.) 

And BAM!!! Bald.

There she is, still feeling sexy as ever. She says this is her favourite way to rock her hair. Yeah, and her man just had to memorialize that...ummm...dress.

And she rocks it.

And rocks it hard. She designed the had as well by the way.

Isn't she lovely?
Talented, beautiful and just radiating positive vibes.

She must definitely like mangoes. She must.


  1. Wow, now you've really got me interested in her. She's positively gorgeous and knows how to work her look. And the jewellery - wow!

    Wish I could one day be as comfortable and confident in my skin (and body) as she is.

  2. i love this post
    she is very beautiful and i love the jewellary....and that man????? yah.....jt

  3. Naito...you're gorgeous!!! Here's to positive vibes everyday....one day soon, that confidence will radiate you won't believe!!

    JT, yeah, that man is hot. Phew!

  4. Amen to positivity!

    I agree with you guys, her man's hotte!

  5. aki chilli, where can i get such lovely alice bands with african detail?..i saw a photo of yours and you had one too...
    let me know!!pweeze!!

  6. @chic babes, well the ones I have I make myself....I don't know anyone here who makes them.

  7. would you make one for me?pweeze!!my birthday is coming up!!#wink# anyhu, lemme know though iif we can work sthn out sawa?
    my email is ongai@ovi.com
    thanks in advance!!


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