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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To get things started, Happy International Womens Day!!

So, I seriously need to revamp my shoe closet. Actually, my entire closet, but as far as clothes are concerned, I can work with what I've got. But shoes.....I seriously would love to get at least 5 new pairs. I can't remember the last time I actually bought shoes....It's been ages. And given that I wear most of my shoes to almost anywhere, including hiking in Nanyuki, (Yeah, my heels are really comfortable) they are pretty well worn.

Here are some gems I would like to get my hands on, but know I can't seeing as they are from the Christian Louboutin Warehouse that's located way up in space, where my little nose wouldn't even have a sliver of a chance to sniff around. (I hope that made some sort of grammatical sense because I just went at it for a minute.)

So there.

The signature red sole. Had me at "Hello."
Something about these shoes. Can't quite figure it out but I like.
Add an LBD and BAM!!!
These I would feel Killer sexy in.
A splash of colour always does good.
Did somebody say Dominatrix? I have a friend who actually saved up for a these. Yikes.
Some adventure never hurt anyone. These would definitely have me going out of my comfort zone when it comes to shoe styles.
The classic boot. I think these are just perfect.

Now to find a mango and tonnes of chilli to drown my sorrows. The boots above, alone cost $1,295. ie Ksh. 103, 600.

In the words of my friend, Hemal, (Heavy Indian Accent and hand gesture like you're changing a bulb) "I can't!"


  1. why are you stressing me on this women's day?? sooo expensive i need me a pair!!x

  2. I am officially sad now!Thanks for ruining my day or you can make up by buying me a pair esp the studded ones.

  3. Wow i'm drooling! Love the 1st pair. Now on to hooking-up with the G4S guy i met recently;-)

  4. Hehe....these G4S guys seem more appealing as the days go by, huh?

  5. Lol! Yup, I just might be ditching school for soliciting...eeerrr..wOrK O_o G4S because with shoes like that running around...chineke! I especially love the leopard print, turquoise and dominatrix ones! Gorgeous! :-D

  6. Thogi...we should start a chama for shoes. 1st item on agenda.....look for the G4S local.

  7. LOL. I'm a dude and I actually think these are really hot. I'm imagining my chic all dressed up for a night out with the dominatrix shoes on. Hubba! hubba! hubba!!!!


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