Shoe Crazy...Pt 2.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I know I may be shoe crazy, but really, it's never that serious!!

Maybe. On a REALLY good day. Maybe.

Ok, what's going on here?
I'm confused. I kinda like them. I don't know why. Again, I'm confused.
On another VERY good day, these would rock.
Lady Gaga has worn these.
Later. Got a ton of work to get through tonight!


  1. Look at what Lady Gaga has done! now the heel-less shoe has become acceptable, PrAiSEs!! Gurl, give me a pair anyday, chee!!! :-D

  2. i saw a guy wearing number 4...those shoes are fabolous ,only in pictures.i think

  3. I think these kind of shoes need to just be left to lady gaga. They look ridiculous on anyone else. #justsaying

  4. am speechless....confused.... and a little impressed!!!!

  5. I think these shoes only look good in pictures....tell me if you saw somebody in these at a club or something you wouldn't have your mouth open in, "Oh no they didn't!!!"

  6. Your captions are hilarious! But I don't get the pink block boots/platforms,you would think a shoe so high would have a HEEL,maybe? hmm..

  7. At Nubian Princess, I know, right? I guess that's what makes them so.....whatever they are. I can't even put a name to it. I feel like they belong in the Twilight Zone.


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