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Friday, March 4, 2011

Today, my father turns 50. I am now as old as he was when I was born. He is twice my age now, and I am a million times proud that he is my dad.

My dad and I have had a close relationship since I was young, but I didn't even realize it till some time last year that I am a daddy's girl through and through. I'm his only daughter, his first child, and I love him to bits, and I know he loves me right back. He's an amazing friend, and an even more amazing dad. I talk to him about a ton of stuff. I remember it was he that I first talked to when I found out a guy I was seeing when I was 17, was also seeing someone else. He made me laugh when I told him. He told me that cars always have spare tyres for a reason, but I should be careful not to be one. He's always had an amazing sense of humor, and even if I sometimes didn't think what he said was funny, his infectious laughter had me in stitches. (It's hilarious, kinda like a car that won't start!)

I remember waking up early as a child and going to play with him, while he was still trying to catch those morning zzzz'z that are so blissful when you're trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning after a long weeks' work. He would never send me away, at least I don't remember him telling me to leave him alone. He was probably still half asleep but I loved those moments with him. He traveled a lot when I was young as well, and he probably is the reason I first fell in love with music...he bought me my first musical instrument, a professional keyboard, when I was 3.

I spent a lot of time with him at garages and car bazaars in my pre-teen years, before I was tainted by teenage whims of what "should have been cool". It explains my unusual (according to a bunch of my guy friends) interest and mild knowledge (non-expert) about cars. We always had a great time, checking out cars at Concours every year, and talking about topics from cars to fashion and many things in between. He would sometimes ask me for my opinion on whether a certain tie went with his shirt, and it made me feel like such an important factor in his dressing. I remember a day he had this bright idea for a hairstyle, and he tried it on me, and even though I was wincing in pain the whole time he was doing it, I told him how cool I thought it was when he was done. (I didn't think it was but he was so excited about it.)

We once got into a major fight, when I was 13. I remember screaming at him, telling him I wished he wasn't my dad. We didn't speak for a week. And I remember him telling my mum as we were leaving for church, that we should pass by the supermarket so that I could shop for a new dad. Now that I think about it, that comment cracks me up, but I could tell how hurt he was then, and I felt horrible about it. I can't picture my life without him as my dad.

Once in high school, (boarding school) I was punished for returning to school late, when the mid-term weekend came, I wasn't allowed to leave. I remember bawling my eyes out in my room as I watched my friends head out for a long, four day weekend at home. When my dad came for me, I told him why I couldn't leave. He left, and came back an hour later with cake and candy, and a Four In One "Mills and Boon" novel, so that I wouldn't be bored. I smiled all through that weekend. At the thought of my dad trying pick out a novel that he thought I would enjoy.

One Valentine's day, while I was still in High School, I received a package, it was a heart shaped, Black Forest cake, and a bunch of red roses. From my dad. With a message, saying how he and my mum thought they were lucky to have me for a daughter. To date, that has been my favorite, most memorable Valentine's day ever.

On my 18th birthday, I hung out with my dad at a local club. I didn't want to go out that night but my mum insisted. I had been sad all of that day because I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time, and the day itself had been miserable, despite my folks efforts to make it a memorable one. So my dad and I up and left the house, to my mums delight, and went looking for a place to just talk. The bouncer at Choices wouldn't let me in, despite my dads efforts (and his friends being inside waiting for him) so we settled for K2 (as it was still called). We talked about a lot that night, my life, his life, our family history, and after that, the breakup seemed like just a small bump on the road. I was okay.

My dad has been by me through a lot of things in my life, giving advice, but not being imposing, offering support, even though I changed my mind a thousand times about what career I wanted to pursue. And change my mind I did. He was there through it all, and I never felt the pressure to conform to anything but my own tenets, knowing that my folks would always be there to support me, whatever I decided to do.

I remember seeing my dad in the audience a few times during Project Fame, every time I would catch his eye he would smile. The look on his face as he cheered me on. The troops I found out he rallied during the entire duration of the competition, and the support he gave me. My dad, he really is my hero.

I don't get to see my dad much nowadays, he works far away, and we don't talk much either, but when we do, I'm happy. I pray that he'll be around for many more years to come, to watch me make him proud, to walk me down the isle, to play with my kids, and to continue being the great man that he is. He is a man I pray lives forever.

I love you dad.

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  1. Wow!
    Brought tears to my eyes reminding me of my dad who's passed on now.


  2. Very touching. You are so lucky to have such a close relationship with your parents. <3 it.

  3. Patricia, you've made your parents proud by appreciating and sharing your feelings and thoughts openly when they are still alive. Lovely!

  4. Hi Pat,
    Me loving this. I hope you've told them to their faces, all that you've so eloquently expressed in type.
    The other day I went to my folks and told them how i appreciate and love them, and within the hour, they were calling all my siblings from all over the world wondering whether I was dying soon. I got calls from Germany, from the US and from Tz from them!(Meeros are not used to open expressions of affection, especially not from 30 plus year old sons!)
    My dad even called me for a face to face meet.
    I really meant it, but the reaction from them was totally hilarious, I'd do it again just for kicks. I wish everyone would pull one of those to their parents.

  5. Dear Patricia. Fantastic words. Best regards to dad. Wish I was there with you people today. Uncle Rune

  6. Wow...that's rare. For most people their Dad is the bane of their existence. And they only manage to appreciate their dad when they're too old to get to know them or when they're dead. Kudos first of all to your dad. It is a rare man that makes the efforts he's made to be a good dad. And kudos to you for being the type of person that can appreciate that effort. Your parents are right to be proud of you. :D

  7. Thank you. I'm greatful everyday for them.

    Fashionista, may your Dad Rest In Peace.

    Anonymous 1 and 2, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

    Kirumbs, I can just picture guka now!!! Hahahaha! You should do it again for kicks....And your birthday's coming up soon...did you say party???

    Uncle Rune, I will definitely pass your regards!

    Little Lydia, thanks, my folks are awesome.

  8. As a daddy's girl myself, I love this. There is a special bond between a girl and her father that we should celebrate. My dad has passed but I will forever be a daddy's girl. Happy Birthday to your dad and a high5 to all the fantastic fathers out there!!

  9. i remember ur dad...wasnt much of a talker...hmmm...but i understand that special father-daughter bond... say a big hi to the fam :-)

  10. I saw him on Sato night-(5th March) Yes, your lovely daddy- and he looked so cool!! 50yrs? No He looked 35 going 20- If he was next to Kirumbs, Kirumbs would have been given the shikamoo!

    Yes, Wangeshi, I can attest he too loves you dearly- You should have seen him at Project Fame time-He got us working (ahem) our bums bums out- voting till wee hours- my officemates cracked jokes- if you dont vote for Pat, you'll get sacked- All coz of Mr Kihoro-

    We celebrate him!!

    Happy Birthday Bro-in-Law!! We very proud of you!

    Aunty Shish

  11. Jacque, will do....and I love your designs, especially "The Patricia" :-D!!!!

    Aunty Shish, you guys are just the best family ever!!!

  12. This is beautifully written, your dad is truly special and its obvious he loves you dearly. My dad passed away 16 years ago and though i know he loved me in his own way he never showed it, he was distant and we barely interacted, i felt like i didn't know him. He paid my school fees, provided clothing, food and a roof over my head but i longed for some kind of connection. I wasn't beaten or abused in any way but i just wished for more. I think about my relationship with him up to this day and always wonder if it has affected me in some way.

  13. I honestly hope my kids get the pleasure of experiencing that love since its the one thing I haven't had in my life and would have loved to have. I've been raised by a single Mum. I love her to bits.

  14. Hey sweetie,can't bliv I didn't know about your blog until today! *slaps herself* Love this piece,your dad kinda reminds me of my dad who is also the number 1 man in my life. And guess what,he also turned 50 this Jan. Naito

  15. Hey!!

    @Mimi tu, thank you. And you know what, I guess we should still be thankful for what we have had, the experiences we have gone through, and learn from them.

    @Maddie, here's to single mums all over the world. Your mother is obviously deserving of a toast, and a lot more.

    @Naito, HEY!!! How are you? Great to see you here. Yeah...tis I that runs this here blog. I remember your dad, he always put a smile on my face!! 3 cheers to your dad!!!

  16. Your dad is pretty cool, met him and your bro zile siku za TPF he seemed so cool and chilled out. Very happy to read that you have a wonderful relationship even though you don't get to talk much these days. Appreciate every single day you have together, i know this because i miss my dad every single day and blow his picture a kiss or start up a little convo with it every morning. Good fathers are such a rarity, honour him in all you do and keep him close in your heart and prayer. Goid bless hun.

  17. Thanks Wanjeri!!

  18. hey, been moved to tears, awesome dad you have there. i never got to meet mine but i hop one day my children have a story like this to tell....cheers!

  19. Thanks Anonymous :-)

  20. This is very touching..want to call my dad right now..

  21. I never liked reading blogs...until now

  22. I've got two little girls of my own and I hope that when they get to half my age they can appreciate the now with the same fondness you look back with. They wake me up and play around me as I try to steal bits of sleep. They urge me to do my morning exercise just so they can ride horsie as I do my push-ups. And with school holidays on right now (the first is in nursery), each morning is a negotiation as I try to convince them why daddy has to go to work. Sometimes they win and I stay to watch a cartoon with them, some times I do not have time for the discussion ...... I hope the former sticks with them more than the latter.

    Your dad sounds like a great guy. And I appreciate that you shared this; fodder for those of us trying to be like baba Wangechi

    1. You make me want to experience parenthood NOW Duncan!


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