Remember Miss Hill......?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I loved her with The Fugees, and loved her MisEducation Album. I loved her in Sister Act 2 and continued to just plain love her. Well, I decided to take a look at her evolution from way, waaaay back, to where she is now.

Oh and by the way, listen to a track which she released last year here.

Rocking a TWA and looking like a sweet little girl. Way back when.

With the Fugees....goodtimes.

Fierceness right there....Beautiful, right?

Loved her all it's freeform glory. Oh how she rocked that hair!! The music was amazing as well.

And then she started styling her locks...Beautiful.

Then she tried something new.....fresh!

Reminiscent of the song 'Doowop-That thing'. That song...I still wild out to it! Loved it!

Yeah...still her, guess she tried something else.

And that became this. Un-nerving.

But then she started to come back! Glorious fro, isn't it?

But then....came back, and then went right over the edge....

But she managed to climb back over it....and this is her, now!
And another one looking different...but beautiful all the same.
You were missed Miss Hill, glad you're get back to popping more kids. Crap,  no, I meant albums!!

She shoulda just kept eating those chilli mangoes and she'd have been ok. I guess she's back on them.
Mad love to the amazing Lauryn Hill.



  1. I'm sad and happy at the same time! I hope she has a full comeback!

  2. I love Lauryn Hill and her most recent look is my favorite. Made me want to comb my hair right now!


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