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Friday, April 8, 2011

So apparently there is a debate about Solange, and how fast her hair grew since her BC 2 years ago. Guys are saying she's been rocking a wig, but others say it's her genuine hair....what do you think?

Before BC.


Rocking the short hair.

Fro's all grown...

2 years later???

But she still gorgeous regardless, right?


  1. I think it's possible. I was just stalking her and I realized friend of mine had a short bob in '08 and was APL by early 2010, and she's as miro and as Kenyan as the next girl. I'm thinking that's quite do-able considering Solo's mixedness(if I'm allowed to say that)
    Though, so what if it's a weave? Celebrity writers and bloggers are so bored.

  2. Hmmmm......not sure. Its pretty damn long. She was working the short hair though.
    And what exactly is BC? Before cutting? Bald Cut?

  3. @Ktchp.tsauce, I think people really get off on talking about stuff, we do love to talk. And I think it's doable too. Either way she looks hot, right?

    @Naito, Lol!!! BC is Big Chop!!!

  4. Oh! LOL!! Now i know. Thanx for enlightening me:-)

  5. I have also heard about Solange hair style. People always make debate about his hair style whether it is original or not. In my consideration, it is her genuine hair style. This style is from her childhood. I have read much news about her hair style. So I give this answer.

  6. I think they are genuine and she is looking beautiful.

  7. Solange Looks amazingly awesome !!!!!!! More black women should wear
    their god given natural hair, and stop diluting themselves. It makes a
    black woman MORE beautiful and really “Completes” her beauty and
    over-all look!

  8. The hair of Solange impresses me at the first look regardless before or after. I like her style that shows her personality.


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