Africa's First Natural Hair Meet Up...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's here. Finally, the first ever meet up for natural haired individuals. Well not really just natural haired individuals. This is for you if you have natural curly hair, straight chemically treated hair, locks, closely cropped hair, curly kitted hair, straight natural hair, no hair...well, basically, if you are human, and are interested in finding out about healthier, hair care regimens, come through. If you want to share tips, exchange products, get inspiration for hair styles, are thinking about going natural, thinking about shaving your head, growing locks, doing something different with your hair really, come on over.

The amazing ladies of Kurly Kichana (See gorgeousness below) shall be hosting the event, on Saturday the 28th of May, that's next week Saturday, at Crave Lounge, Amboseli Road, Lavington, Nairobi.
And it's absolutely FREE!!!

It's finally here! East Africa's first natural hair meet-up!

Kurly Kichana welcomes every curl, coil, lock, wave, braid or even bald bearing individual to join us as we meet up, talk, share ideas and have a general bitchin' good time.

There will be PRODUCT SWAPS! (that jar that you wish you didn't buy, I want it), PRODUCT REVIEWS, REGIMEN and STYLING DISCUSSIONS, a MOUTH WATERING CASH/ BEVERAGE BAR.... and SO, so, so much more
You don't want to miss this, and guess what, it's not just for the ladies, gents, feel free to come through as well!

I hope they'll have mangoes.


  1. hi Chilli Mango,

    Is the hair on the pic totally natural? Coz it looks really soft and glossy. What tips do you have to maintain such natural hair??

  2. I would so love my natural hair to look like what i'm seeing in these pictures. Would love too to know how to grow my hairline... chemicals and cuts just made it thin out...

  3. Hey Dee!!!

    YES!! The hair is 150% natural!!! The basics I can give you right now is to loooooooove moisture. Keep your hair moisturized as much as possible...water is your friend!! Also, avoid shampooing your hair too often as shampoo strips hair of natural oils and really dries out hair. Did you know, that you can use conditioner to clean your hair? It gets rid of surface build up, but keeps your natural oils intact!
    Check out these blogs for more info.

    Also, if you are in Nairobi, and can make it for the meet up, do so, it will be totally worth your while!!

    Lilian, come through to the meet up!!!! Welcome kabisa!


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