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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Was walking around town over the weekend with my mum, she was in town for some family obligations, and well, with the "Walking To Work" that I've been doing, we, figured we could walk through town as we went on with our business! I got some pretty nice shots of a few buildings, and such things.

Here's a little bit of Nairobi for ya! If you've never been, come on over.

My beautiful mum, saying let's leave this darn car and walk baby girl!!

First stop: Maasai Market. Needed to stock up on the accessories. Ma got a pair of sandals from the pile in this picture. I last took pics of the market here.

More stuff.

Retro Hilton! So this building has been around for ages but my mum only  first noticed the stairway column/tunnel on the side this past weekend!

And then we kept walking! Read the signs people, read the signs. Ok, not all the signs, that 21st may Doomsday stuff is a tad over the edge! Don't know about the doomsday guys? Check them out here.

Another angle of The Hilton! You know, if the 21 May doomsday guys saw this pic, they would probably say that this was a sign of something, like a peek at Heaven or something. I like to believe that it was a time traveller either coming from or returning to some other time. See, cool futuristic, sci fi stuff happens in Nairobi too, not just in the America of the movies.

No thanks cabs, we'd rather walk.

Kimathi house, looking all....umm...nice.

Ok, so I may have been incessantly taking pictures of sign posts in town, for some strange, unexplained reason. I just had to. This is a no through way sign. Hmmm...I wonder if people still use the red letter thingies right at the bottom of the picture. Gotta get a proper picture of one of those.

Another sign post. Of course, my mother had her own take on it. I don't know who the lady in red is.

That's the Nation Building, also known as the "Twin Towers"! I like the red mast.

STOP!! In the name of love! I sometimes wish I lived in a musical. 

Nairobi residents, y'all need to guess where this is because I know some of you wouldn't believe me if I told you!
Keep guessing, I'll tell you at the end of the post.

I really wish that truck hadn't been there on this day. Totally ruined the pic. I wonder what the reasoning was behind naming this building "Integrity Centre". Yes, it houses the Kenya Anti Corruption Commision. But, if go in, do you come out a person of integrity? Is there a stash there? Ok, fine, I'll stop, that was kinda lame.

Where this sign post is located, at the bottom of Valley Road, most cars come speeding down at waaaay higher speeds than that!

Nairobi is really beautiful. Me loves it.
Also, that picture I told you to guess, is of a couple of buildings on RIVER ROAD!!!

Yup, River Road. That really dingy part of town.

Keep Walking people, Johnny Walker was on to something with that.


  1. Nairobi is beautifully and those are really nice pictures. I was there last week.

  2. Thanks Mbabazi!! And you should have said you were in town!! Will you make it for the meet up?

  3. People dont futa those sighns. Ata watu hupisha magari kwa Zebra crossing as Juliani would say.

  4. Really cool photos.. Your mom seems fun

  5. Haha, Kenn, you're right!! Most of our signs mean nothing!

    Stylifiq, thanks, and she is!

  6. Very nice pics...We do have a beautiful city. with beautiful people! :-)

  7. Loving the pics.Very nice. The lady in reeeeeeeeeed...I don't know who she iiiiiiiiiis... I totally get the musicalbit. :D

  8. Hahaha...tSN.....glad you gerrit!!!

    Thanks Joy!!

    Jay dab....we doooooo!!!

  9. awesome pictures..maybe some day i'll come back home and feel like its where i belong. you're pictures woke me up to that possibility.

  10. Just discovered your blog!!! To say I am a fan is an understatement, your music is awesome, and your hair somehow rivals it. Anyways...Pleeaaaase blog more often!


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