Walk To Work.....Fuel Is Too Expensive...

Monday, May 9, 2011

I hope you all I had a great weekend, I know I did, plus it ended with some high level excitement last night, that had me spend a couple of hours at a police station....details in the next post. Before then, I want to share with you some pictures I took today on my walk to work. I've decided to save some money and add on to my overall health by walking. I walked from Nairobi Hospital to Adams Arcade on Saturday night. That was about an hour long walk, and although I got drenched by the rain halfway there, it felt pretty good. I also sang at the top of my lungs like a maniac, so I'm pretty sure at some point drivers on the road thought I must have been intoxicated on some very cheap liquor.

I have the most horrible cold as well now, but I like the rasping in my voice now.

Back to today's pictures.
Enjoy, and lets all try to embrace some more walking.

Walking towards the CBD, through the boulevard along Kenyatta Avenue.

The Nairobi winter is here, stock up on your Strepsils.

I love this ad, it's pretty cool.

Ummm....compliant Memorandum Of Understanding?

Wanted to walk down this path, but work was in the opposite direction.

See you at the crossroads...sing with me...

Walk. Let's do this.
A girraffe guards persian rugs.

Keep Walking...

Pretty street...

These should be put to use more often.
And finally....right before I got to the office...

I found 4 RED cars lined up...very  rare in a city that's flooded with mostly white and silver cars. Twas pretty cool to see.
Later guys....


  1. This brings back memories of a little girl and two brothers walking down those very streets everyday before and after school to mama's office (the building with the Johnnie Walker poster). Home is where the heart is and mine is surely in Kenya. Nice pictures, nice post!

  2. Thank you! Glad you liked the pictures.

  3. I really like your images. in fact i really like your blog posts too!

  4. Chillimangos,
    So you did a Besigye to work? What's the story of walking from Nairobi Hosp to Adam's at nite?

  5. Thanks Kenya Wine Brat.

    Anonymous, I actually Besigye to work every day now, but the Nairobi Hospital Story, was a suggestion by a friend. He lives around Adams, and he had walked to Nairobi Hospital, and found me and a friend there. So when we were leaving, he asks where I stay, I say Valley Road. He thinks Valley Arcade, but doesn't seek to clarify! So he says we walk to Adams, and then he'll drop me home, and I think...ok....why not! I do like to walk....and hence...the walk. I did get a good, home cooked meal by his wife out of it though, and a good read; His son's standard 4 composition assignment was quite interesting!!


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