This is me....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is me.
A singer, An actress, A radio news anchor, 
A daughter, A friend, A future great mother,
A heart, A soul, An ever learning mind,
On a journey, through life,
Here's to what I shall find.


  1. That is you,a star-a light to shine all through
    That is you,a model-for the society to follow
    That is you,a lady-a stronghold for the girls
    That is you,Patricia.

    Just thought I should add that.I also have a blog post like this.Sometimes its hard to know who I really am with all the voices around me but I try so hard to listen to my heart.

  2. I like I'm inspired to post something like this on my blog sometimes your identity gets lost in the process of being mom,wife,sister etc


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