Blankets And Wine 28....!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Everybody!

Guess who shall be on stage at the next Blanket's and Wine Event this Sunday?

Yup, yours truly, me. Granted, my performance shall be under the Tusker All Stars banner, but all eight of us will perform a couple of our own compositions for your listening pleasure. Also on the line up is Fena, who I had earlier mentioned here. She's simply Fenamenal! Check out her brand new video.

Muthoni The Drummer Queen, the event's founder and hostess, shall also be performing. She just recently launched a new track, Welcome To The Disco. What do you think? Check out one of her videos here. Recognize any one? Tanzania's TID is scheduled to perform as well.

 It's going to be an amazing show so if you have Sunday free, please come through.

See you Sunday.


  1. So I just bought tickets at Dormans; my sister and I gushing about how good you look on the ticket. I intend to hunt you down and we talk haircare. Yes? Say yes. Good girl. :]
    See you Sunday!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my end of the blogosphere the other day! :] I've been reading your blog and not commenting (like a creepy stalker person). I'm making a point to be less creepy now :]

  2. Hey!!!

    @That Angel Girl, did you make it to Blankets? Was looking forward to meeting you. And don't worry about the cyber stalking, I do it unashamedly!!

    @Imani, It was awesome seeing you there!!


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