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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend. 

Now, I know I'm late on this, so forgive me, but I only just stumbled upon Polyvore and I must say, I'm in fashion heaven. It's a fun way to create looks and experiment with how things work for you. 

Now, I'm not an entirely adventurous person when it comes to fashion choices, I usually don't go all out to garner stares, but I do occasionally throw stuff together that results in a raised brow, in a good way I hope. This should help with pushing boundaries and throwing ideas together. 

So here's to the first of many sets of fashion ideas. It's in the post below. (Still trying to figure out how to create the look, and post about it simultaneously!! O_o)

"This is something I would rock to work and then for drinks with the girls after. I love the playfulness of the shoes and top, and the pants give a formal touch to the ensemble. High waisted, wide legged pants flatter most figures, and especially for a short, not-slim individual like myself, this adds length to my silhouette. I also have a hankering for cropped leather jackets so those will probably show up a LOT on the blog."


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