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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello good people!

As you may very well have noticed, I've changed the name of the blog from Chillimangoes to Patricia Kihoro. This is because, first of all, many had been mistaking me for Njeri of Chillimango Clothing, a pretty amazing designer that I had once featured on the blog here. As much as we were only too happy to share the name, I feel that because it is a business venture for her, it only makes sense that she continues to pursue it without any more confusion from my part.

Second of all, when I started the blog, I was all for the anonymity that the name Chillimangoes accorded me, but I don't feel the need for that any more. I am also keen to align my online presence by embracing my name on all the platforms that I have ie Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

So there you go.

A blog makeover shall be following soon as well, with hopefully a lot more posts on more personal issues like my music, acting, health, fitness, hair and beauty.

Have a lovely one then guys,
Here's to new things.


  1. This is my first time here. Interesting. I await youre "makeover". Sadly I still prefer to remain anonymous.....

  2. No wonder I wasn't getting updates via Google Reader. Brilliant blog you got her girl. Enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Personally i love about the hair..


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