DIY: Hair Thingy.....(Ok, almost DIY)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Helloooooo good people!

I hope you are all fine and dandy.

So, one of y'all saw a picture of me wearing a little hair thingy on a post some time back in Dec last year. She liked the said hair thingy, and asked if I could make one for her sometime early this year.

Original Thingy.

I gladly obliged. But, days turned to weeks, weeks to months, time became scarce, she went out of town, I got really busy with a couple of thingy made. But she then got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago...and asked if I could make one ASAP, as she has a wedding to attend this weekend. I said I would.

I decided that since it's for a wedding, I should bling it up a little bit, add some lace and some ribbon to I hit Biashara Street, found my raw materials, and go to work yesterday morning. Now forgive me if I don't get into detail about how exactly the thingy came together, I really don't remember. I usually just figure it out as I go along when I embark on DIYs and hope the projects turn out ok. This is a cool thing though methinks, as that means everything I make is an exclusive masterpiece, right?

So, here goes.

This is everything I was going to need, but I've broken it down below.

I absolutely love this fabric. I bought it last year from a
lady somewhere within Toi Market, 250/- for 6 yards,
 and have used it as my sofa cover,
Blankets And Wine "Blanket",
for other DIYs...I love it!!
This is elastic, and pretty cool for further experiments I have lined up! It was 150/- per metre.

This ribbon has a mesh feel to it, and it's pretty
stiff to the touch. Almost like fine meshed
metal. It was about 150/- per metre as well.
I love these buttons. They are light and came 10
in a pack for I think 100/-

I rustled everything together mindlessly as I finally, FINALLY started on Game Of Thrones, a series I have had for months but was freaked out by after watching the first 10 minutes of episode 1 at 2 in the morning. Nice show.

After about 40 minutes, this is what emerged.

Pretty Swanky, huh?

I added a provision on the back on which to pin a
bobby pin to clip to the hair, or a safety pin
to pin to a jacket or bag.

That's the new thingy right next to the original one. If you notice,
I added a rosette like thing to the old one. That was also a
result of mindless stitching in front of the TV a few months ago.

And so ladies, and maybe gentlemen, this is what became of all my raw materials. You Like?

It was kinda sad watching the lovely reader walking away with it this afternoon. I had grown quite attached to it over the 24 hours we spent together.



  1. I love the hair thingy and i want one too:-)

  2. Hey, Thanx for posting try to make one when i have time on my hands...i cant sew to save my life but try..Thanx again.

  3. OMG...I love the thingy(cute name for it too btw)as well.

  4. awsome!!!post some pictures of the leso seat covers coz i want to make 4 my mum but i have no idea where to start and how its gonna look

    1. Hey Keshi...I didnt make the seat covers, I got someone to do that for me, her name is Harriet and if you'd like i can give you her number.

  5. 1) I LOVE that you are calling it a "thingy".... and it's BEAUTIFUL! I want one too!!!
    2) I LOVE that my best friend (a Dominican/American in the States) sent me a link to your blog to show me how short she wants to cut her hair (I transitioned for a year before the big chop last December), and it turned out to be a blog by a beautiful, fashion-forward, Kenyan woman!!! So happy right now. As a kenyan in the States, finding precious gems like this one is a rare occurrence. Most Kenyan blogs I've read were very male dominated and serious. Two things I definitely don't consider myself to be! Thank you for representing the 254 for us- Kenyan Fashionistas!- I'm glad to have found another connection to my heart. =)

  6. Hey there M,

    Thank you for all your kind words. And welcome to my blog. I have been doing very badly in the posting department but I shall improve (I always say that!)

    Also, if you haven't already, check out Another Kenyan blog run by 2 of the most fantastic ladies I know.


  7. I am years late to this party...Nice work. Very impressed. Question, do you hand or machine sew?


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