1000 Dresses! For Less Than A 1000 bob!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alright good people, how's it going?

There's an AWESOME event going down this weekend that I want to share with you. I'm so excited about it I don't even know where to start so I'll just let the event organizer speak for herself. Her name is Imani and the event is called "254 D Word". Dress Sales Mania I tell you!

Here she goes.
"I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your community to "The 254 D Word" Dress Sales Mania. We have over 1000 dresses that we are selling at KSH 800 or less. We want to end the following misconceptions:

1.Good quality fashionable Dresses can only be found at exuberant and ridiculous prices.
2. Good quality fashionable Dresses can only be found on a one off basis; after foraging (very un-attractively we must add), in Toi, Ngara, Gikomba etc for hours and only finding 3 items that fit you.

The 254 D Word Sales Event brings over 1000 dresses (work, casual, club, glamour) under one roof each priced at Ksh 800; Ksh 600; Ksh 500; Ksh 100 (tops).

The Debut sale is scheduled for Friday November 4th – to Sunday November 6th, at the Adams Arcade Shopping Mall Parking Lot from 10am - 6pm daily. Clothes will only be bought when doors open on a first come first serve basis. See pictures of the dresses here.

There will also be an emerging creatives fair. Young upcoming Kenyan designers, designing jewellery, handbags, t-shirts etc.

There will also be a makeup and photogora booth. People can get their makeup professionally done for a small fee by the lovely Tatty, and photography by the lovely Makena. They can get their makeup and professional pictures for a very small fee, and off course Food and Music.

We have a special raffle where the grand prize is a genuine leather Sandstorm bag. To enter, people have to go to the Sand Storm website and guess which bag is going to be raffled off. They can post their comments on our Facebook events page. You can also follow the event on Twitter, @the254DWord. It's going to be epic!!!"


Guys, you don't want to miss it.
Also, please use the following code: PK02, it entitles you to a discount when you shop at the event. YAY!
See you there guys!!!

Oh, and before I go, if you're looking for a chilled, polite evening plan, come through to The Museum TONIGHT for the All That Jazz Fest with the fantastic Aaron Rimbui, Kanjii Mbugua, K.S. Mbugua, Ian Mbugua and myself. Show starts at 8pm. It's gonna be awesome.

Later gaters, have a fantastic weekend.


  1. -___- Ok, honestly, all the good things happen while I'm away. Thoroughly unamused.

    P.S. My ADD self spent like five minutes playing with the scroll thingie on my mouse making your page go up and down. Why? Because I like the dizzy feeling I get from your background. :)

  2. Hahaha. You funny!

  3. I came here while searching for the world's cheapest dress,so 1 bob is less than US$1.00....


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