Enjoy your weekend dears.....

This is what I'm aiming for by end of next hair has got to get here....half an inch a month for 24 months = 12 inches....give or take 3 inches of breakage, plus my current 4-5 inches = 13-14 inches by Dec 2012. Think I can??

Different hair textures, different hair styles.....can't wait!!!

Happy weekend.

Body Beautiful....

Today, I just thought I'd share some pictures of different women's bodies. Everyday I struggle with my body image because I gain and lose weight very sporadically, with the last year being the most drastic.....Size 6 to 12....and 12 kilos in between!! I still love my body but I do have my bad days....I know I am terribly unhealthy and unfit, and should probably do something about it. But my middle name isn't Procrastina for nothing. are some pics.

 Perfectly toned body....I wish for this everyday of my life.

 To want to wear nothing all day, and feel great.

 Because really sometimes all I want to do is cover up...everything.

 Because I see Ciara and think..PERFECT.

 Then I see Rihanna's Bod and think.....screw bone thin, now that's perfect.

 But then I'll retract and think...gotta lose it all!!!

 Then I see that Ass and think, ok, maybe not!!

 And then this.....definitely NOT losing my thick thighs!!

 This just makes me think...I gotta rock my bod like this girl....all of it,flesh and all.

 Loving those thighs, even though they are illustrated, and the hair....!!

 This is beautiful.....

And I decide, I'm gonna love my bod, all the flesh, cellulite, scars and all....I love me!!

Ok, now to get a mango.

Midweek Madness....

Ok, no madness going on...heading off to Psys, Westlands for Unplugged, live music by a Kenyan artist every Wednesday....I never miss it...if you see this before it's too late, head over there. It never disappoints.

In the meantime, enjoy these glorious is it having your hair cropped short??

Eat a mango today!

A Note Book of Fashion...

There's this girl, her name is Nancie Mwai and she runs a blog all about fashion. She talks abut what she likes, and doesn't, what she wears, where she shops and all things fashionable that inspire her from around the world. Check out her blog, TheFashionableNotebook.
Here are a few pics of her from the notebook.

I wonder if she likes mangoes.

A tribute to Black and White...

I love Black and White photography. There's a certain quality it gives to the subjects that makes my eyes dance. Enjoy, and have a lovely week ahead.

This is a man. Nuff said.

I love Emma Watson because I'm irrationally addicted to everything Harry Potter, and I love her new do. Very Minx-esque.

Those eyes just pop, don't they! Brings out the allure that Muslim women have, all covered up.

Kelis seems to be able to rock any kind of hair!! I love the colour in this pic.

I've never been a fan of bling in teeth but this picture has it's own kind of magic.

This picture....I love the space in the top's beautiful.
A mango a day, keeps the heebeejeebees at bay!!


I'm so glad it's Friday!!! The week has whizzed by!! Woohoooo!!
I'm getting my first Henna treatment tomorrow from the lovely ladies at Awesome.
Have a lovely weekend y'all!!

Me Likesy.....

So sometimes, I really think about BCing my hair all over again, coz TWA's look totally awesome!!
But then I find that the BAA totally appeals to me, and I'm going to bear it, and keep growing my hair until I get there!!
How cool are these girls' afros, big or small??
I wonder what mangoes would look like if they came with hair!!

Spray me....

I think I'm gonna splash this on now, and head on with the rest of my day...had enough of the nasties for one day.... (Nasty vibes that is.)
Off for a Creativity and Innovation's to good vibes.
Wonder if I can get this in Chilli Mango flavour....

I say...

You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one....

Wallowing In A Miasma Of Despair.

So I'm not having the best day at work. Found out I inadvertently hurt a friends feelings, and then because they didn't tell me, but rather just pulled away...well, my feelings got hurt too.
Well, hurts like hell but I shall lie in the bed I made.
In the meantime....maybe these pics reflect what I feel.
Did you know mangoes cry when they are plucked from trees....