Friday, January 6, 2012

Sometimes, just sometimes, do you want to just cancel out everything you know? Everything morsel of knowledge stored in the indents of your mind, do you ever just want to scrape it all out and remain only with what you feel.
Do you ever just want to format your head space and remain with an honest, silly, stupid, happy, crude, sometimes funny, sometimes not, but always true commentary on your life as it goes on? To not think and analyse but to just express sentiments...whether or not they make sense? Whether or not they sound right. To laugh at sentences that you form and spew, without regard for any sensibilities or intelligence? To not care if you seem learned or cultured. To say what you feel, and not what you know. To not have to remember the right answer, or any answer at all.
To be able to speak without always having to think. To be wrong. Or right, depending on how you look at it. To curse and to celebrate whether or not there is logic behind it. To smile when everyone else doesn't know what to smile about and to cry because your soul needs to release, whether or not you know why. To just go. To just be. Inside, out, up and down and all the cross ways in between.
To revert to your own little world, knowing that the people around you that you invite to exist and share in it never judge. Knowing that they bring their own little worlds with them and we stay senseless together for as long as we need to.

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  1. Yes, and my little senseless world, music plays all the time and I am always king. I don't have to fight for my sanity every single minute :-)
    Happy 2012 babe!!


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