Light Shadow.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm currently reading "Kafka On The Shore" by Haruki Murakami, a gift from a friend, and a character in the book, a cat, while conversing with a human, tells him that he's noticed that his shadow seems light, like half of it is missing.

It prompted me to ponder.

If one day you woke to find,
That your shadow was not as dark as it should be,
Would you care?
Would you task to find out why?

And if you did decide to question it,
What would you ask first?
Would you question the light that shines on you or would you look into yourself?

Would it be that the light was so bright,
That some of it passes right through,
Such that your shadow became dilute?
Or would it be that the light became dimmer,
Less than what it should be?

Or in questioning yourself,
Would it be,
That the darkness within grew larger,
And larger until,
The light that falls on you would be diminished?

Leaving your shadow less and less of what it should be.



  1. This is really deep, i don´t think i even know how dark my shadow should be in the first place.LOL! nice blog you´ve got here.

  2. I like the poem although I think if the darkness within grows, it creates a deeper shadow. I am in love with Haruki at the moment. You should try his The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. I haven't been able to read another novel since I put it down. Still ruminating.
    ps. love the blog and your voice :)

    1. Funny you should suggest that weia, The Wind Up Bird Chronicles is what I'm reading now. I tried reading another book by another author, but I just couldn't focus. I'm blown away by Haruki.

      Also, about the shadow, think about it this way, a shadow is darkest when the light shining upon the subject is brightest, right? So if the darkness within absorbs the light that falls upon it, naturally the shadow will not be as dark, because the light is diminished.... :-)


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