So.....5 months later...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Five months since my last post and boy has a lot been going on.

Where do I start? Well, as I write this I’m listening to Jeff Buckley on a Polish bus, driving through a highway in Holland, on my way to Belgium for some sightseeing, shopping and a theatre show later in the evening.


So here’s how I got here.

Back in March this year, a little after my last post, I auditioned for a musical show that I found out about on Facebook. The show was meant to showcase Kenya as a beautiful tourist location, rich in music, dance and wonderful people and was to tour a couple of European countries. I didn't know that. I just thought it would be a great opportunity to get back into musical theatre after a long while, and possibly travel while doing it. After a rigorous audition process, well….I was selected, and I am now part of a 15 member cast with a 7 piece band and have been in Holland for 3 weeks now. There’s another 10 weeks to go and, well, it’s friggin’ awesome.

Between then and now, so much more happened before we left. I got a new camera, started practicing bikram yoga have been deeper in love than I ever thought possible, and have gone through the highs and lows of it, drinking it all in. And damn it, it tastes good. I got a dog, a little pup called Zawadi who is the cutest diva of them all. She took over my little apartment and has been calling the shots since. She sometimes shoots down my outfits with a look that says, “You’re not gonna wear that, are you?”, as she sits regally on my bed.

 I have been reading a lot more and have taken a 6 month hiatus from my radio job and, well, I shaved off most of my hair. I have been listening to more music, immersing myself deeper and carelessly into the throes of love and have endured it’s pain over and over again, although it’s been the good kind of pain, I must say, the one that you don’t understand at the time, and you curse at because it hurts like hell and you think is so ridiculously unfair, but leaves you shinier and more polished when it’s done. Funny enough I feel even more loved and more in love than ever. I have learnt so much about myself this year that it is almost difficult to remember who I was before October of last year. Come to think of it, it’s been a year since I fell in love with that person. That one love that changed me. I’ll call him Shams, after Shams of Tabriz, the great Sufi poet Rumi’s beloved companion who changed him in a most, painful, drastic and beautiful way. But that’s another post all together.

Now, I’m happily single, still in love, traversing Europe with a bunch of amazing, funny, witty, annoying, stubborn, fantastic, talented, irritating, caring, adventurous, loving and infuriating folk, having a great time doing something I absolutely love. Being on stage singing my heart out.

The shows we've done so far have been great, and the reception is awesome. Folks here love the show, “Out Of Africa: A Safari Through Magical Kenya.”

Of course weve had our bad days, the hurdles that took a hell of a lot from us but we jumped over them, and we’re learning to jump higher, faster and more gracefully as we go along. And the good days, well those have been super.

This year has been a fantastic ride, and the fact that there are 3 more months to go, well, it’s gonna be one hell of a destination.

Also, the windmills in Holland freak the bejeezus out of me. They’re creepy. They are creepy giants. Waiting. To take over the world.

Catch you later folks.


  1. I actually wondered what had happened to you, girlie! Glad to hear God has been opening doors (and carrying you through them, it looks like), although it's a shame the ride gets bumpy sometimes. Hey, write about Shams soon. You have such a way with words, I think you'd put it so poetically (plus you can't just pique my interest and disappear, how rude).
    Stay blessed!
    And post pictures!

    1. I shall write about Shams. I shall. It's just that every time I try, the whole world seems to want to come through and I get overwhelmed. He is epic. I shall write about him. Soon. Thanks for reading.

  2. You are on to fine things my dear. Endelea vivyo hivyo. Happy to hear that you are happy and blogging-ish.

  3. Hi gal welcome back.

  4. hey glad you are back:-)
    You do have a way with words
    Can't wait to

  5. Hey ya girlie!! Everytime i see a photo of u with ur new hair cut i have to literally talk myself out of the temptation, see I have hair goals :) But the haircut is so amazing like those balls that are amazing, amazeballs they call them! *facepalm

    Yay to love :) and loving yourself. Being happily single is the most frightening and most powerful feeling ever. It's like you think you know yourself then bam! another day comes along with another feeling and your heart just opens up and makes your past feelings feel shallow. Yeah, I make no sense. In short am happy for you. You're inspiring.

    Enjoy Zawadi while she's still young, my Liyah has in her old age developed trust issues I think caused by her failing sight. She clearly can't see past 10 feet and it frightens her so you have to walk around talking so she hears your voice and doesn't freak out. My mum also tazered her with a stun gun, u know to test cruel yet so funny(there's a special place in hell for her) trust issues galore!!! So now i indulge her, her fave thing all day is going to the local store. They keep eggs on the bottom most shelf. So she'll steal one thinking no one has seen her, carry it all the way home hidden in her mouth to suck on it till all that's left are dry shells. (i pay for it of course)....hey, it keeps her happy, she's on her way out. Life's too short. Wow ok this is a blog post on its own :D


  6. So you got to know my country of birth, huh? Now you know why I love Kenya so much ;-)


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