Challenge. Week 2.

Monday, March 11, 2013

For week two of the 10 week challenge, I grabbed my DSLR, which I got a year ago, but have been too afraid to do anything significantly significant with it because, well, I am no Jim Chuchu, or Mutua Matheka. I'm surrounded by a ton of epic photographers in my life and to be honest, I feel massively intimidated.

Well, anyway, a friend of mine kinda just called me out and asked me to shoot her portfolio. Of sorts. Her name is Rafia Essuman. She is delving into modelling and is a stunner, to say the least. I did her make up, basic styling, direction and photography. I named this particular collection of ten shots, "Thought".

These are the kind of shots I saw myself taking when I first dabbled into photography, intimate portraiture that brings out that inner vixen (or fox) in a person.

She's gorgeous, right?

Oh, and a quick mention about my new blog banner. Figured a change was due so whipped it up real quick today.



  1. Awesome Photography Miss Kihoro. Awesome photography.. You have amazed with this. Kumbe??

  2. i love your work, love your blog, hell i love you too. inspired.

  3. That first shot is my favourite!!!

  4. The photos are so awesome. Someone book me a session. I love the work


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