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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Yes. It has been 2 and a half months of silence. Yes. But I must say, I figured it out. I finally realised something monumental about myself that is really so simple but quite substantial, and that explains the huge gaps between posts. And a lack of musical releases and a lack of more writing. That's going to need a post on its own.

But the irregular posting thing should change because I can finally blog off of my phone. Which I am doing right now. Score.  

But this post is about my playtime with fabric.

I was away in Nigeria for about a month -another post as well, there's about 20 posts stored in my brain ummm.... store - and for those that know me you know that my absolute obsession with Kitenge/Ankara fabric runs a tad on the crazy side. Well, I had just one hour to shop. One hour in the whole month. Not per day. One whole month in Naija with just one hour to shop on the day before my trip back. I made it worthwhile though, and scored lots of fabric. 25kgs of excess baggage worth. Score.

Now usually, what would generally happen when I have a stash of fabric in my possession, which I usually do, is a stare down. I go to the stash and just stare at it, imagining what glorious things can come of it. And this can last months because of how indecisive I am. But not this time. Well, ok, maybe that did happen, for about a month after I got back. But then, my friend was heading out to Cannes a couple of weeks ago with her daughter, Cricket, who is 6 months old tomorrow so I figured I could ruffle up some thingamajigs for her. Cricket that is. I decided head thingies with bows on them would be cute, but I couldn't figure out how to make sure they were comfortable enough for a baby. Took me a day to get a light bulb moment. Jersey fabric. Which I promptly cut off from one of my long, super comfy vests that I have in many colours.

The fabric off of this is ├╝ber soft and elastic so I knew there'd be no uncomfortable tension on Cricket. Then what happened next, I apologise, but I don't remember in precise detail. I sort of just figured it out as I went along, but there was glue, needles and thread, lace, wine, Olivia Pope, ribbons, buttons, all things I have in my DIY stash, and some cursing involved.

The fabric I selected, had lots of dark pinks and purples, to match Cricket's outfits. Her mum is not too big on colour blocking. She gave me some serious side eye once when I suggested an orange sweater with a pink tutu for a wedding. 

And the result?

The black and green jersey fabric I got from t-shirts. I also made a couple of them thick so that they would cover Cricket's ears in case it was cold. 

And so that Cricket's mum wouldn't feel left out I made some bangles for her. Although the head thingies are stretchy enough to fit her as well.

Her mum is more into earth colours, warm tones and such. Much more grown up.

I made a tower. Not as easy as it looks with a couple of glasses of wine down at 3 am. Yes, I was up late. 

And then so that I wouldn't feel left out, I made some candle stick holders for my place. Fabric, ribbon, and empty booze bottles.

Yes. That was fun. 

So finally, my model and face of my line of baby thingamajigies, presenting...


She's perfect.

Later then.

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  1. So cool, a DIY is needed :)


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