Taking Stock - Two.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hey folks!

So it turns out I'm really good at thinking about everything I want to blog about, and writing it out in my head, rather than here. I figured out a strategy for that. It didn't work. Oh well. This "Taking Stock" series seems as though its one of those things that is going to happen in it's own time, rather than on schedule. Which is exactly how my birth happened. I snoozed for 10 days. 10 DAYS. I was due on Christmas day, but I made my grand entrance on the 4th of January. Right after everyone was tired and broke from too much partying and cranky from having to pay school fees for the new year. Because of that, I've learnt not to expect much on my birthday. As a child I learnt to cherish the gift of education in the form of text books and school uniform for my birthday. Last year I got a half written Whatsapp message from my mum. I have to say, that's a funny story to tell, I don't even think she realised it. The love force is strong, though, I have no doubt.

I also still have this feeling of dread when my birthday approaches. That feeling you get as a child when you know it's time to go back to school after a super long holiday and you wonder why your parents or the TV just can't be your teachers for the rest of your life. They are always "teaching" you stuff anyway and since our folks were all at the top of their classes growing up you would think they would be the perfect ones to mould and inform you. Anyway, yes, it still comes, that feeling, of dread. But, gratitude is something I carry with me always. Thank you, parents. Thank you.

Anyway, taking stock. Here goes.

Making moves. Less thinking, more doing.

Cooking less, as I've realised I eat more than is necessary on the evenings when I cook. I don't even eat because I'm hungry, I eat because it's dinner time and I cooked a hell of a good meal and that's resulted in quite a bit of weight gain. :-/

Drinking lot's of yum Ethiopian coffee. You can never go wrong with a bag of medium ground coffee if you want to make me smile.

Reading The Lovely Bones. I watched the film 3 and a half years ago and it dented me. The book then found me a couple of weeks ago in the streets of Nairobi and I promise you it's making my spirit super anxious. I feel as though when I read it my soul starts to do that dance you do when you really need to go to the bathroom but there isn't one in sight. But I really want to get in there. Also, I'm still sad about finishing Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart. I got attached really fast and then boom, it was over. On a different note though, how amazing is it that the Nairobi CBD has these guys who sell 2nd hand hardcover titles for as little as 50-100 shillings? I bought 5 books yesterday for 500 bob. Bliss.

Wanting... I don't know what I want. Not at this very moment. Adulthood should come with a manual.

Looking forward to a friends beach wedding in April.

Playing Muthoni The Dummer Queen's "Upgraded" album on repeat.

Wasting time on Facebook.

Sewing nothing. But I did do my own crotchet braids, with a crotchet I bought on Biashara Street so that kinda counts. Crotchet braids are fantastic.

Wishing I could make my own shoes.

Waiting on a certain huge gig to happen already. It's been postponed twice in the last month. Arrrgh.

Enjoying my morning coffee. I made a blend today of Ethiopian Tomoca and a local Kenyan gourmet coffee by a company called Cafe Del Duca.

Liking this new app, "Peak", that a friend recommended. It's described as a mobile gym for your brain, and it really is kicking my brains butt. It's aim is to reach it's peak performance in core skills that relate to day to day life.

Loving these crotchet braids. Somebody say FABULOUS! They are so easy to install guys. I will do a post about it.

Hoping that my Cucu will recover quick, fast and in a hurry after two heart surgeries this past weekend. She's doing great so far, and I'm glad she got through it with my mum by her side.

Marvelling at Miss Sharon Mundia of ThisisEss. She's one of the most beautiful, amazing and hard working people I know. Plus, her blog has been nominated AGAIN for the BAKE Awards, in two categories. Please take a minute to vote for her. She deserves it

Needing a dream recorder. My dreams really need a playback device. Also, dreams do come true guys. I've been dreaming about a certain something for months and it's finally happening. Will share the news soon. I know it's been said a million times before but for real, Your dreams a valid, big or small.

Smelling my morning coffee. Yum.

Wearing a black jersey star tunic by Peperuka. It is so comfortable and versatile.

Following Peperuka, an eco friendly, ethical clothing line that launched the #MeILove hashtag on the 1st of March. They are running a campaign called the #100DaysOfMeILove, that will celebrate what things people living in Nairobi, and Kenya at large, love. And yes, they did the "Me I.." repetition on purpose, because it's a very Kenyan thing to say. The baton was handed to them by Angela Wachuka, the director of Kwani!, who successfully ran the #100DaysOfAfricanReads, hot on the heels of the #100DaysOfAfricanFashion that was very successfully run by Diana Opoti. Join in the fun and post about what YOU love, using the hashtag, #MeILove. You can also find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag.

Noticing that I have become a lot more sensitive lately, it feels as though there is an upheaval going on in my emotional centres.

Knowing deep down that everything that I desire shall come to pass if I let go and let God.

Thinking about my mum. She is absolutely amazing. She dropped everything to take my grandma to hospital in India and has been by her side all the while, and it's absolutely touching to see. I am so grateful for my entire family.

Feeling myself. Seriously, these crotchet braids have me taking at least 20 selfies a day. Vanity is not a good look. Or maybe it is.

Bookmarking nothing at the moment.

Opening a bar of chocolate to have for breakfast. Guilty pleasures my friends. Sometimes it's okay to break the rules.

Giggling at the thought of my brain having a butt. Not a pleasant visual. but still so funny.

Later folks.



  1. I am in love with your thoughts :)

  2. #meilove your writting. Write more often... so curious to know more... 😉

  3. #meilove The crotchet braids.do a diy soon
    #meilove how you put your thoughts across ,i would love to read a post of yours daily
    #meilove that this is the only blog i can relate with a the time...you are a good blogger...

    1. And #MeILove such wonderful comments! Thank you Nduta! :-)

  4. I like your latest "taking stock" writing style.I use it to organize thoughts,keep ideas at my fingertips and write faster.

  5. Wow, who knew you do the 'Taking stock' series? well, you knew that, I didn't. LOL. Read through this one and marveled at the diversity. Here's my 'taking stock 2' if you do not mind :)



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