100 Days Of African Music.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last year, there was a flurry of #100Days campaigns that folks all over were posting on social media. 100 Days of Happiness, 100 Days of Gratitude, 100 Days of Healthy Eating, Naked Yoga, Selfies, Spoons, Dogs, 100 Days of grass, you name it. There were many, ranging from informative, narcissistic and downright hilarious. But one that caught my eye and held my interest for the entirety of it's duration was Diana Opoti's 100 Days of African Fashion. She decided she would showcase fashion designs by African Designers from all across the continent and to highlight the fact that we can enjoy full outfits made up of beautiful, well crafted African designs, ranging from casual to couture. Her campaign was wildly successful, and brought to the fore so many wonderful designers. She was highly acclaimed because of it, and rightly so. Diana Opoti is now the go to person for anything African fashion.

This got me, and I guess a few other people thinking about the African Arts and how extensive and diverse it is. From Literature, to Music, and even attitudes. The lovely Angela Wachuka, CEO of Kwani? (SisterKilljoy on Instagram) did a fantastic job with her subsequent #100DaysOfAfricanReads and Wangari Nyanjui, owner of the design label, Peperuka (the brainchild behind the Me I Love Tshirts that Lupita and Neyo have been spotted in) followed with with #100DaysOfMeILove on her Instagram as @peperukaworld. Mandi Harrison is also currently curating #100DaysOfKenyanThrowdowns.

I was very keen to then take my turn with African music, but Diana was ready to go ahead with her 2nd instalment of African fashion. I reached out to her and we then decided to do our campaigns concurrently. 

So a couple of weeks ago, I started #100DaysOfAfricanMusic. It's basically what I do with Afrocentral, the radio show I host on Sundays on Homeboyz Radio, where I curate music by African artists that are not necessarily mainstream, and if they are, I share music of theirs that may not have gotten excessive airplay, but is still wonderful, in my opinion. 

Everyday I'll share a song or five that I'm listening to by an African musician/band, and give you some information about them, where they are from, why I enjoy their music and where to find them. I'll also do a weekly recap here, just so you can have it all in one place.

You can also listen to the songs on Afrocentral every Sunday from 11am to 1pm EAT. This is my personal curation of African Musicians that I love and adore and I hope you get to discover one or two artists that you may have not known before this.

Make sure to keep up with the series daily on my InstagramTwitter and Facebook using the hashtag #100DaysOfAfricanMusic across all the platforms.


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