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Friday, October 23, 2015

Obstacles will not stop my savings. Somebody say AMEN!

The last couple of months have been interesting. Remember when I said it’s as though the universe conspires to stop you from cultivating good habits? Well, don’t I have a story to tell you… It really does seem as though that’s been the case – on overdrive.

So, one of the things I had committed to doing in order to save some coins was to cycle more. I bought a bicycle just over a year ago to take my fitness up a notch, but, more often than not, I found an excuse not to use it. But this year, in keeping with the Barclays savings challenge, I figured I could cycle more and save money on fuel, as well as keep fit without having to join a gym or practice Bikram yoga, which I was doing for a few months earlier this year, but found to be quite costly.

Well, my bicycle got stolen. Just as I was getting into the habit of cycling more, someone helped themselves to it. And then, as if that was not enough, a few weeks later, my cell phone got pick pocketed from my purse at a music festival that I was working at. Like they say, when it rains, it pours.

What I should have done.

Despite all that, I have managed to keep my balance, and still continue on my savings journey. As much as I did have to dip into my savings to replace what was stolen, I have not fallen off the savings wagon. One of the reasons for this is the habit of writing down my goals. I would say this has been the most effective habit so far. Knowing what it is that I am working towards and breaking down the steps with which to get there has been an eye opener. That way, even though unexpected eventualities have occurred, I didn’t just throw in the towel. If anything, I was able to handle the thefts quite well and this is because I didn’t lose sight of what it is I want for the future. My goal is not to have material things, but to benefit mentally and emotionally from the satisfaction of having the security of being able to provide for myself the home and sustenance that I desire.

I definitely shall be continuing with this savings journey, regardless, as I am learning that I am way more capable of being disciplined than I had given myself credit for. I am still putting aside money every month, without fail, even though I do sometimes have to fight the urge to “gift” myself when I feel as though I have worked particularly hard or I feel I deserve a break. This is another habit that actually makes me feel more empowered to continue. Every time I put some money away, I pat myself on the back and look forward to the next deposit.

I am excited to finally discover some investment options and develop an investment portfolio with my savings so that I can grow my little nest egg, which in turn will go towards my goal of fully owning my own home within the next five years. In the mean time, I have found some wonderful savings account options at Barclays, which have really encouraged my savings habits. I think I can finally say I feel somewhat in control of my financial future.

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  1. It actually takes a lot of discipline to save and that is something am really trying to do..!
    Sorry about your bicycle and phone..:-(
    Great post..


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