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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I first got a big chop done when I was 9 years old, and have since been oscillating between being natural and having a relaxer since. But it wasn't until I big chopped in 2010 (for the umpteenth time) that I came into the world of healthy natural hair and the phenomenon that is product junkie-ism. I went hard folks. And especially since that was the time when the natural hair "movement" was really starting to pick up world wide, with bloggers all over talking about all sorts of products, I was one of those naturalists that just bought into everything.

Fast forward a few years and my natural hair regimen went from a solid hundred with regards to intensity and commitment, to about a five. Real talk. I think it all just became a little too much for me, and especially in 2012 when I was going on a three month tour of Europe that would have me singing and dancing on stage for two hours, six days a week, my goals for a Big Ass Afro were quickly shoved down the drain because all that mattered at the time was convenience. Plus, who was going to do two strand twists on her head every night just to have her hair popping on stage every day for three months? IN THE WINTER? Off to the barbershop I went and promptly said #BoyBye to the fro. I also was just frustrated at not having any access to quality local products. And, I just didn't enjoy shelling out tons of money on products from the US that were just highly overpriced.

What resulted from this however, is that I then completely neglected my hair. The tapered cut is so convenient that you honestly look good regardless of how much effort you put into caring for your hair. I took this for granted and just let me hair be. Because I had no expectations of length or thickness, I didn't bother much about moisture or strength, or just plain healthy hair. I coloured it numerous times, even relaxed it again, but it was really just a basic regimen of wake up, shower and go, with maybe some leave in conditioner every once in a while.

Last year, I came across Marini Naturals at the Curl Talk event and the first thing that caught my eye was the popping, defined curls on a client following a demonstration by Michelle, the company Founder and CEO. I remember walking by their stand and thinking, well damn! At the end of the event, Michelle graciously handed me a goody bag of consisting of four products from her line. These are some of the benefits that she spoke of:

  • A zero-sulphates shampoo. (Sulphates are bad folks.)
  • A light, mild shampoo but is extremely cleansing. 
  • It is both clarifying and conditioning.
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable, has loads of slip.
  • Contains Flax seed gel that literally melts away tangles.
  • Leaves hair soft and conditioned after using. 
  • Can be used as a daily moisturiser.
  • Smells great, with a yum vanilla extract.
  • Extremely moisturizing and softening on hair.
  • Has great hold and definition on hair. 
  • Smells great, with both vanilla and strawberry extract.
  • Zero Crunch and no flakes. (Important for me.)
  • Generous product in the tub that lasts for over a month. (I'm still using my first tub almost a year later.)
  • Instant curls...curl magic! This is because of Flax-Seed Gel and the Fixative Plus.
  • Also a detangler due to the Flax Seed Gel.
  • As much natural curl definition is possible due to Flax seed gel.
  • Strawberry Oil gives it a very pleasant scent.
  • One of the few gels in the market that leaves hair soft, with zero crunch and no flaking, yet defines curls.

Let me tell you guys, Marini products are the real deal. My twist outs were quite defined and my hair so soft. But even more than that, they smell SO GOOD, I have to confess I did taste them. Don't taste too good though, but you get my point. They smell amazing. I can honestly say that I am completely happy with these products. I have found my holy grail and to be honest I do not feel the need to look for any thing else, aside from shea butter of course. (I do have a DIY streak that has me mixing stuff for myself.)

 A few months ago, Michelle reached out to me and told me about her upcoming campaign, which would entail getting my hair styled into a protective style for a series of  tutorial videos on their YouTube channel. I was happy to be a part of it, and chose to get my hair styled into two cornrows. I was still rocking my tapered cut (four years later) and thought this would be a nice change. We had a great time shooting the video and I enjoyed the style, even rocking it on stage at one of my stage shows. Check out the video below.

I have since shaved my head (something I do every once in a while when the mood strikes although this time it was inspired by having to wear a helmet as I started riding a scooter this year and I just didn't enjoy the helmet hair), but I still use Marini products. In fact, I did create my own mix that I use every day that is extremely moisturising and leaves my hair so ridiculously soft and curly that most people are left amazed when they run their fingers through it.

If you'd like to make it, you will need:
  • 1 cup Water 
  • 1 cup Marini Leave In Conditioner
  • 2 finger scoops of Marini Curling Gel
  • Around 2 table spoons of Glycerine
  • 2 tablespoons Rose Water
These measures are ofcourse, approximated and you should feel free to adjust to your liking. Shake well and use when styling. You can then seal with the curling butter, coconut oil, shea butter or castor oil. This mix is so effectively moisturising that I find I only need to use it 3-4 times a week. 

Find Marini Naturals on all their social media platforms here:

Blog & Website: 
o Facebook: Marini Naturals
o Twitter: @Marini_Naturals
o Instagram: @Marini_Naturals

o YouTube Channel: Marini Naturals 
o Pinterest: Marini Naturals

Enjoy, and thanks for reading.



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