Here's a few interviews I've done, and sentiments that folks have had to share about me or the stuff I've been involved in over the years. You may very well know all you need to know about me after you go through these.

Well, well...

"My Fashion Evolution", a feature on Kung'ara Woman, November 2014.

A live interview alongside Fena Gitu during the Prime Time news on KTN Kenya, October 2014. We subsequently tried our live TV news reading skills on the same day here.

A review of Mugambi Nthiga's "Stories From The Mall" in the Business Daily, October 2014 by the wonderful Margaretta wa Gacheru.

A short interview about my 2nd Kalasha nomination in The Daily Nation, July 2014.

A review of my show "Life In The Single Lane" by UP Magazine, May 2014.

A pretty extensive feature by James Kabue, January 2014.

A review of my show "Life In The Single Lane" by Potentash, January 2014.

An interview by Shirley Genga for the Pulse, Standard Newspaper, December 2013.

A review of my show "Life In The Single Lane" in The Daily Nation, November 2013.

My favourite, a "public love declaration" by Sharon of ThisIsEss, November 2013. It's in there somewhere. Trust me.

"Q and A Monday," a feature by Wamathai for, May 2012.

A hair feature on Kurly Kichana, January 2011.

A fashion feature on Capital Lifestyle, July 2010.

An interview by Laura Walubengo for Capital Lifestyle, January 2010.


  1. What about the one on DRUM EA magazine?

    1. That wasn't online, unfortunately, but I'll see how to transcribe it! :-)

  2. You, my dear, are a superstar! Next up is E! Entertainment, Forbes and Times. The sky is the 'ceiling'. Get it? :-D

  3. I've heard about it. My friend said he read something similar at Nexter Org news


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