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BIG CHOP. Again.

I shaved my head

Choker by Nyar Nam
Earrings by Amar Design Studio
I hadn’t been planning to. I didn’t spend weeks mulling over the decision and trying to figure out when would be best, and where to get it done or who I would entrust the task to. 


Nothing like that at all.

Be A Buddy, Not A Bully With Cartoon Network.

Would you say you’ve ever been bullied? Has anyone ever make you feel small or unimportant or even feel horrible about yourself just because you didn’t fit in? Maybe you were physically assaulted as a child by other kids just because they felt like it, or they just didn’t like you.

Let’s flip it around. Would you ever admit to having bullied anyone in the past? Don’t think so? Maybe it was in high school, when you would make sure the juniors knew their place because that’s just how things were? Or maybe you’ve trolled people online because “it’s not really that serious and you’re just having fun?”

Western Union Is Changing Lives.

#Ad. I was really excited when I was approached by Western Union to take part in this campaign, partly because I have used their service in the past to get out of tough situations while I was abroad and also because they are genuinely bettering the lives of Kenyans with fast and easy money transfers - I especially love the fact that you can now send money directly to your receiver’s M-Pesa account. 

I have seen many success stories of how Western union has helped move money for better. Their service has enabled so many people to send and receive money, both locally and abroad, allowing people to support their loved ones no matter where they are. Users can also send money directly through their phones, adding an additional layer of convenience, just in case if you don’t have time to speak with an agent.

I could keep babbling on and on about how amazing their service is or let you check out their promotion for yourself  here.


Marini And Me - My Holy Grail Hair Products.