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Loving the SKIN I'm In.

Photograph taken by Trevor Fundi
Dress: Vivo Active Wear
Neckpiece: Maasai Market
Hair: Kinky Weave by Amadiva Beauty Salon
Feeling your absolute best is something that I (and I imagine us all) would love to achieve 100% of the time, but the way human beings are set up, that's not exactly the case. If it's not a physical flaw that we're going crazy over then it's some emotional turbulence and sometimes these things are so intertwined that moments of pure, complete joy and contentment are few and far between. I know for a fact that the standards of beauty throughout the years have been a great cause of misery for me since childhood, resulting in what I believe is some form of body dysmorphic disorder. For real. That's definitely a post for another day and I will definitely get into why I think this is so.

Home Improvement - Unclogging The Drains.

No filter, no make up, no Photoshop, nothing.

Every once in a while, you notice certain things around your home need fixing. At first, they aren’t much cause for concern. A loose crack on the wall here, some peeling paint there, maybe the curtains in the bedroom look a little faded and there’s a tear in the sheers in the kitchen. You don’t think too much about them because, hey, it's what gives your place character.  

A few months down the line however, you realize you can’t keep pretending the spreading leak in the bathroom ceiling is abstract art. (Something I’ve been doing for the last year.) It was a brilliant idea to paint the bathroom ceiling red a year and a half ago but right now it looks like all your nightmares converge to torment you whenever you're in the pursuit of bodily hygiene.

International Women's Day (Videos)

Ola! It's been a while, I know, but it's been good things cooking all the while. How's your 2016 looking so far? I hope it's going in the direction that you desire, and that you are happy and motivated and in a good space.

How is Barclays helping with improving my saving behavior?

When I began this challenge five months ago, I never really thought about the role money played in my life. I’m not talking about the surface, you know, earning money and spending it. I’m talking about how I regarded money and what part it played in my psyche and my aspirations.